Release Notes

Welcome to the 2.18.0.RC1 release that supports several web applications using jkniv-jco in the same web container.


  • Add supports to deploy many web applications at one web container or server application.
  • Fix update properties for destination name provider for each create end point.
  • Component extending DefaultComponent instead UriEndpointComponent that are deprecated.


  • preserver the header message after call <to uri="jkniv-jco:....


  • First release.

Getting the Distributions

Description Link Downloads
Binary Distribution jkniv-camel-sap-jco3-2.18.0.RC1.jar
Source Distributions jkniv-camel-sap-jco3-2.18.0.RC1-sources.jar
Java Doc jkniv-camel-sap-jco3-2.18.0.RC1-javadoc.jar

Getting the Binaries using Maven


For deploy many web application in the same web container or application server copy the jar file for the shared folder.